Day After Day + RMX EP

by My Awesome Mixtape

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Summer is here at last!
And it's hot.

“How Could a Village Turn Into a Town” introduced us to the melancholy beauty of the fall in the European continent. Stages were our homes, the windows on the van our eyes on the world.
This last winter flashed by us while we were travelling up and down Italy and beyond.
We jumped, danced and sweated with you. We played. We shape-shifted, experimented, tore down the same barriers we had put up ourselves. And with each step we knew we had you by our side.
You, who helped us with the My Awesome Mixtees project (30 limited edition T-shirts, created by 30 European designers), who sent in your comic strips, who supported us among the buildings in the Hearts to Lend video and filled the venues we played.
You deserves our wholehearted thanks and a world of gratitude.

This is why we decided to build and give you a whole new section of the My Awesome Mixtape town.
A four-track digital EP, previously unreleased, written, played, produced and recorded entirely by us.
A cover. A song we recorded to remind ourselves of when we were little, silly and thoughtless. All of this enhanced by two remixes made by two exceptional musicians (and our good friends), Stabbyoboy and Anti-Anti.
Stabbyoboy (Artificial Kid) is one of the best hip hop producers in Italy. His version of "Mia Farrow" is dark, somber and paranoia-ladden, and is a direct reference to the productions of El-P, Kill the Vultures and Def.Jux.
Anti-Anti is none other than Dade, the bass player in Linea 77 (one of the biggest hardcore bands in Italy). Against all odds, he has turned "Inhabitants" in a tiny jazz standard that sounds like it fell through a timewarp directly from the age when you could still smoke in clubs.
That's not all: there is also a video, for "Day After Day", made in cooperation with the students of the European Institute of Design (IED). A sunny romp in the park that is both stylish and tenderly funny.
You can watch it here:

Take this for what it is: a gift (the price of download, as the sages said, is up to you) and also a snapshot of what My Awesome Mixtape are at this exact moment in time.
A band on the run.

My Awesome Mixtape – Day After Day+ Remix (EP)
Artwork by Martina Merlini
Day after day. A graphic novel by Fabio Bonetti


24 Jul 2010 -16:30- ITALIA WAVE Livorno, ITALY
25 Jul 2010 -21:00 -MusicalZoo Brescia, ITALY
28 Jul 2010 -20:00-"Buskers di un certo livello" Piazza Verdi Bologna, ITALY
30 Jul 2010 -21:00 Teatro delle Rocce (w/...A Toys Orchestra, Piet Mondrian) Gavorrano, GR, ITALY
1 Aug 2010 -20:00 Sanacore Ariano Irpino, Avellino, ITALY
2 Aug 2010 -20:00 Kaya Sellia Marina, Catanzaro, ITALY
3 Aug 2010 -21:00 Lido Horynus Orca Torre di Faro, Messina, ITALY
4 Aug 2010-21:00 Patapata Sampieri, Ragusa, ITALY
5 Aug 2010-21:00 Megalithos Solarino, Siracusa, ITALY
6 Aug 2010-21:00 Barbarabeach, Catania, ITALY
7 Aug 2010-21:00 Sustival Festival Francica, Vibo Valenzia, ITALY
8 Aug 2010-21:00 Piazza Castello San Severo, Foggia, ITALY
15 Aug 2010-20:00 Melkrock TIELT, W-VL, BELGIUM
3 Sep 2010 -20:00 Parco Fluviale Hoffmann Foligno, ITALY
24 Sep 2010-20:00 El Chicho Bordeaux, FRANCE
25 Sep 2010-20:00La Flèche D'or Paris, FRANCE
30 Sep 2010-20:00 Campus Strasbourg, FRANCE


released July 20, 2010

Recorded, mixed e mastered at Alpha Dept. Studio - Bologna - by Andrea Suriani.
Music: My Awesome Mixtape
Lyrics: Paolo Torreggiani
Except for All That She Wants (Ace of Base. Joker, Buddha 92).
Mia Farrow (StabbyoBoy Remix)
Inhabitants (Anti-Anti RMX)

My Awesome Mixtape are: Paolo Torreggiani, Andrea Mancin, Alessandro Scagliarini, Federico Spadoni, Andrea Suriani.
Baritone Sax on All That She Wants by Alberto Fogli

Artwork by Martina Merlini

Insert: Day after day. A graphic novel by Fabio Bonetti

In partnership with: 42 Records/Rewika



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